Company History

Farzeen Company was established in 2011, by our CEO (Farhad Khalil). The company was founded on the principles of providing better services to the companies, region, and industry, which has only grown since incpetion, Our CEo and partners have been in this particular field since 2000. With that , we are combining a level of expertise & professionalism that provides and experince unmatched nby aby other company here in Kurdistan.

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Washing Sweeper Truck perfectly integrates the sweeping function of traditional sweeper and the washing function of high pressure cleaning truck, the function of sweeping and washing can be used separately or together according to the practical need, It will clean

Waste : Type: General Mixed WasteCalorific Value: ~ 1500 kCal / kgMoisture Content: ~ 70% Weight reduction: 95%Daily Operation: 8-12 hours Design : Capacity: 250 kg/hFuel Type: DieselBurning Cell Temperature: 850 ºC ~ 1200 ºC (adjustable)Burning Cell Temperature: 850 ºC ~ 1200 ºC

“Effective planning, efficient design and quality construction were all combined with Construction’s team-oriented Construction Management, resulting in the single largest and most successful construction project undertaken by the Farzeen Company.” Farzeen Company is general contractor offering construction services in terms of